FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Contact: Tim Albrecht,


Support for Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund Continues to Mount

(DES MOINES) – Today 136 Iowa county supervisors from across the state and representing both parties announced their support for funding the Natural Resources & Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.  The trust fund was formed in 2010 when 63% of Iowans passed a constitutional amendment creating the trust fund, however it has remained empty ever since because it requires a 3/8th cent increase in the sales tax to fund it.

“Woodbury County has raised the standard on conservation departments and we can achieve more with the stability of funding that the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund provides. Whether it’s rebuilding watershed dams, providing remodeled areas for public and educational use, showcasing natural beauty, or simply coordinating volunteers, the local effort is impossible without state support. The Dorothy Pecaut Nature Center that I helped support as a county supervisor today is the same facility that amazed me as a young student on elementary school field trips. Our conservation board members are committed to posterity and that’s why they plan more capital improvement projects on paper and funding allows them to actually take up each year. That’s forward-thinking, and I’d urge the Legislature to keep in mind the same.” – Matthew Ung (R), Chairman, Woodbury County Board of Supervisors

There is a tax-neutral bill, H.F. 597,  that has been introduced in the Iowa House of Representatives by Rep. Bobby Kauffman that will fully fund the trust fund within three years.  The bill, known as “The WISE (Water, Infrastructure, Soil for our Economy) Solution,” works by increasing the sales tax by 1/8th of a cent for the next three years alongside a reduction in the income tax by an equal amount.  This bill is strongly supported by the Iowa’s Water & Land Legacy coalition made up of farmers, sportspeople, conservationists, business leaders, Republicans and Democrats from across Iowa.

“It is time to start putting money in the trust fund so counties can begin undertaking more projects to improve water quality, reduce soil erosion, restore habitat and maintain outdoor recreation opportunities. Residents in my county have repeatedly told me that these type of projects are important to them. They want to start seeing action and significant results. HF 597 offers the financial resources to help fuel increased efforts and outcomes.” – Lauris Olson (D), Story County Supervisor

A partial list of supervisors  supporting the legislation is below:

ALLAMAKEE         Larry Schellhammer

AUDUBON         Gary VanAernam

AUDUBON         Todd Nelsen

BLACK HAWK     Frank Magsamen

BLACK HAWK     Tom Little

BREMER         Duane Hildebrandt

BREMER         Tim Neil

BREMER         Sue Shonka

BUCHANAN         Clayton Ohrt

BUCHANAN         Don Shonka

BUCHANAN         Gary Gissel

BUENA VISTA     Dale Arends

BUENA VISTA     Don Altena

BUENA VISTA     Paul Merten

BUENA VISTA     Rhonda Ringgenberg

BUENA VISTA     Tom Huseman

BUTLER         Tom Heidenwirth

CARROLL        Dean Schettler

CARROLL         Jean Seidl

CASS             Stephen Green

CASS             Steve Baier

CEDAR         Dawn Smith

CERRO GORDO     Casey Callanan

CERRO GORDO     Chris Watts

CERRO GORDO     Tim Latham

CHEROKEE         Duane Mummert

CHEROKEE         Jeff Simonsen

CHEROKEE         Rick Mongan

CHICKASAW         Dan Carolan

CHICKASAW         David Tilkes

Chickasaw         Jacob Hackman

CHICKASAW         Steven Geerts

CHICKASAW         Timothy Zoll

CLAY             Barry Anderson

CLAY             Burlin Matthews

CLAY             Joe Skow

CLAY             Dan Skelton

CLAY             Randy Swanson

DALLAS         Brad Golightly

DELAWARE         Peter Buschmann

DICKINSON         Mardi Allen

DICKINSON         Pamela Jordan

DICKINSON         Tim Fairchild

DUBUQUE         David Baker

DUBUQUE         Jay Wickham

FAYETTE         Janell Bradley