Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy is bringing Iowans together in support of immediate, permanent, reliable, substantial funding aimed at improving our water quality, protecting our soil, enhancing our wildlife habitat, and increasing outdoor recreation opportunities throughout Iowa.



In 2010, 63 percent of Iowans voted for a constitutional amendment to create the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund, a permanent and constitutionally protected funding source dedicated to clean water, productive agricultural soils and thriving wildlife habitats. Six years later, the Trust Fund sits empty because it requires a sales tax increase of 3/8ths of a cent for funding. 

Given our enormous challenges related to water quality and the clear benefits tied to soil conservation and improving our wildlife habitat, Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy supports raising the sales tax to fund the Trust Fund. 

Our organization does not represent a political party or a specific piece of legislation, but rather the people of rural and urban Iowa who overwhelmingly demanded action in 2010. We are represented by a broad-based coalition ranging from conservationists and sportspersons to farmers and business leaders who all believe cleaning our water, protecting our soil and enhancing our habitat will strengthen our economy and improve our quality of life.

Future generations of Iowans are counting on us to fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund. We urge Iowa’s political leaders to include a sales tax increase of at least 3/8ths of a cent in any legislative solution aimed at addressing water quality and conservation moving forward.

The Trust Fund's formula is detailed further in this downloadable handout. The Formula is already part of Iowa law; read it in full in Iowa Code 461.

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