Email your legislator

It's easy! Click here to find your legislators’ e-mail addresses. Generally, they are

Then, use the sample email below, and be sure to read our tips for a successful email below.

Sample Email

Dear Senator____________ or Representative______________,

Good morning/afternoon! My name is __________ and I am a constituent of yours from ___________. Thank you so much for all of your leadership on important issues to ___________ residents, and for your leadership in the Senate/House of Representatives. I am writing today to encourage you to fully fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.

As you know, in 2010 63% of Iowans voted to create the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund.  Now, as we face water quality challenges and soil erosion across the state, we need your leadership to raise the sales tax by at least 3/8ths of a cent to fund the Trust Fund.

This is especially important to me because __________. This is a place to tell your story and discuss how the trust fund could benefit Iowans in the legislator’s home district. 

Future generations of Iowans are counting on your leadership to clean up our water, protect our soil and enhance our wildlife habitat.  As you debate water quality and conservation legislation in 2010, please make funding the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund through a sales tax increase of at least 3/8ths of a cent a part of your legislative compromise.


Tips for a Successful Email

  • Personalize your email and make it unique. Legislators are likely to ignore messages that appear to be form emails or letters. Think of the sample email as simply a start. A heartfelt note from a constituent is one they are most likely to remember.
  • Thank your legislator for all the work he or she does for your district, and for leadership in the past on issues that are important to Iowans.
  • Tell a story that explains why this matters to you. Personal stories are more compelling to legislators than facts and figures.
  • Talk about how fully funding the trust will impact your area. Legislators are more likely to connect with a cause if it is close to home and will affect their constituents.
  • Use polling numbers sparingly to support your point of view. Numbers offer concrete support and are memorable, but only if you’ve already “hooked” the legislator with a personal or local connection.
  • Finally, using a legacy message could by meaningful for legislators. This could include talking about how supporting natural resources could be the legacy we as Iowans will be leaving for future generations.